Generations on Ice: A Grandmother’s Hockey Legacy

06/25/2024 | Blog | Reading Time 2 Minutes

San Rafael resident Cynthia Heinrichs has deep roots in Marin County, having raised her family there. After a period of living elsewhere, she returned and now resides at Aldersly. Her connection to the local area is filled by fond memories, including the time she spent ice skating at Raydine’s in Corte Madera.

Ice skating became a family tradition, as her two sons became fond of the activity. Her son Matt, in particular, pursued his passion for ice hockey more intensively, playing full time. Matt graduated from Terra Linda High School, eventually becoming the father of Sam Morton, Cynthia’s grandson.  

The family’s legacy in hockey reached a significant milestone with Sam Morton’s recent achievement. Sam’s dedication to the sport paid off when he signed with the Calgary Flames, a professional team in the National Hockey League.

This accomplishment has brought immense pride to the Heinrichs family and serves as a testament to their longstanding commitment to ice skating and hockey. Sam’s success is not only a testament to his hard work, but also a reflection of the supportive and encouraging environment fostered by his family, particularly his grandmother Cynthia. 

Cynthia cannot wait to watch her grandson fulfill his dreams of playing in “The Show” when he competes in his first game this fall. The love of being a fan isn't just about cheering for victories on the ice; it's about sharing friendship and camaraderie that span generations, connecting a grandmother and her grandson through the highs and lows of a successful hockey career.