Extended Care

Extended Care at Aldersly

Our Extended Care Center is a natural extension of the cozy, comfortable, connected atmosphere residents enjoy throughout all of Aldersly. Whether a resident needs transitional care after a hospital or skilled nursing stay, or 24-hour monitored care for manageable chronic conditions, we have all the nursing care and support necessary to provide great care along with a high level of independence. Because we’re a Life Plan community, Aldersly residents are able to seamlessly transition to this advanced level of care whenever it is needed.

Monthly fee starts at $13,650, which includes all care and medication management.

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A Tradition of Caring and Comfort

Transitional Care

Transitional care provides residents temporary assistance after a hospital or skilled nursing stay as they continue to recover from an illness or fall. Our onsite clinic works with key outside partners to develop holistic care plans designed to get residents back to living at the highest level of independence as soon as possible.

Extended Care for Chronic Conditions

The Extended Care Center provides 24-hour care for manageable chronic conditions. Our wellness director and interdisciplinary team attentively monitor the health of each resident, and we utilize strong partnerships with home health, rehabilitation, and hospice service companies to ensure we’re able to effectively meet their needs for the rest of their lives.

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Community Life

All the activities in extended care at Aldersly support our mission to provide the highest quality care in an environment that feels like home.

  • Exercise classes featured daily.
  • Music, art, and social programs throughout the day.
  • Regularly scheduled scenic drives/ trips to Bay Area culinary, cultural, and recreational destinations.
  • Spiritual and meditational services.

Residents Love Aldersly!

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If you would like to learn more about the cozy, comfortable, and connected lifestyle at Aldersly, please feel free to reach out to our expert team. We’re always here to help!

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